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Shrinking Violet Press: Series II


Volume III: Klamath Falls

Mr. Ivory remembers growing up in Klamath Falls, Oregon. $125.



No. 2

Volume IV: Love & Sex

Mr. Ivory remembers his early and formative experiences of love and sex. $125.



No. 3

Volume V: With Letters of Introduction

 Mr. Ivory travels to  Venice (1950) and Kabul (1960).



Volume VI: Portraits

Mr. Ivory remembers his encounters with George Cuckor, Kenneth Clark, Dorothy Strelsin, Susan Sontag, Licia Albanese, Fernand Leger, et alia.


No. 5

Volume VII: The Great Ball at Wilton

In 1979, Mr. Ivory and Mr. Ismail Merchant attend The Great Ball at Wilton, and are houseguests of Lady (Maria) St. Just at Wilbury Park.
$125. SOLD OUT.

Shrinking Violet Press: Series I

No. 1
Nosing Around by Stephen Hough
A series of ruminations on perfume, and how it intersects with and affects life, art, music, and sex.  Mr. Hough, the world-renown concert pianist and 2001 recipient of a MacArthur ("Genius") Award, also composes, paints, and writes a blog for The Telegraph, where these scintillatingly fun and fragrant essays were first published.  $125.  SOLD OUT.

No. 4
Gay Switchboard by various unknown authors
Excerpts from the spiral-bound notebooks that logged every call received by the Washington D.C. Gay Switchboard in 1978 and 1979 (post Stonewall, pre-AIDS).   These entries give a fascinating glimpse of people struggling with their sexuality and the resultant discrimination as well as the compassionate volunteers who helped them by listening and counseling. $125.  4 copies remaining.

No. 5
I Know You, Too?: Another Book of Portraits by Marian Ashworth;
 edited by Peter Cameron

A sequel to I Know You?, the bestselling book published by Wallflower Press.  Like its predecessor, this book provides biographies for ten new subjects from my grandmother's collection of 864 portraits, with reproductions of the portraits in question elegantly tipped-in. $125.  3 copies remaining.

Wallflower Press First Editions

Animals in Distress & Pluto by James Harms (Series II, No. 4) Two stories by the poet James Harms, both set in southern California in the late 1970s, concerning mergers and accidents and miracles on and off the freeways.  7.5" x 6.5"; 40 pages, 3 copies remaining, $100.

The Strange Case of Catherine Hayes by Charles J. Finger & Catherine Hayes Burnt for Petty Treason by Richard Clark (Series III, No 2) Two hair-raising accounts, one fact and one fiction, of the diabolical murder of a certain Mr. Hayes as planned and executed by his wife, Catherine, in eighteenth-century London.  6.5" x 5.5"; 28 pages. 4 copies remaining, $100.

Sincerely Yours: The Correspondence of Beatrice J. Fitzhugh, Assistant to Mr. Kindelbinder (Senior) by Beatrice J. Fitzhugh (Series III, No. 5) Beatrice J. Fitzhugh worked as the assistant to Mr. Kindelbinder, Sr. at Kindelbinder & Sons in Calabria Heights, Ohio in 1955.  Her letters reveal fascinating minutia of mid-century provincial office life. 1 copies remaining, $100.

The Recession Spankologist by Jonathan Ames (Series IV, No. 2) A chapter from The Extra Man, Ames's brilliant second novel about life, love, libido, and loss first published by Scribners in 1998.   7" x 5.5"; 28 pages, 5 copies remaining, $100.

The Running of the Brides & Tom's Village by Jessamyn Hope (Series IV, No. 3) Two personal essays exploring some cultural rites of modern marriage: buying wedding dresses and surviving honeymoons.   5.5" x 8.5"; two volumes of 32 pages each bound in tandem, 3 copies remaining, $100.

The Love of my Life by Justin Haythe (Series IV, No. 5) A short story from the Booker long-listed (The Honeymoon) and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter (Revolutionary Road) exploring the mysteries -- and perhaps miracles -- of love and marriage. 3 copies remaining, $100.

$35 a piece; any 4 for $120

Shrinking Violet Reprints

Thieves of the Mind: Poems by Victoria Kohn Michels

Ode to the Unexpected: Poems
by Miranda Beeson

Solid Ivory Volume I: Eating in the Depression

Solid Ivory Volume II: Dramatics: Blomy

Solid Ivory Volume III: Klamath Falls

Solid Ivory Volume IV: Sex & Love

Wallflower Reprints

Dog Stories: Homework & The Secret Dog by Peter Cameron

The End of My Life in New York by Peter Cameron

Andorra: A Visitor's Guide by various authors; maps by Florent Morellet

Bunny Says It's the Deathwatch by Stephanie C. Gunn

Dieter At MacDowell: Summer, 1939 by various authors

The Daughter of Jesus by Edward Swift

The Abridged Versions & Hearsay by Peter Cameron

Love, James: Letters by James Lord

Have You Seen Me? poems and photographs by Peter Cameron

An Excerpt from Coral Glynn by Peter Cameron

Last Night in the Moon: Denton Welch Journals by Denton Welch

I Know You? A Book of Portraits by Marian Ashworth; edited by Peter Cameron

After the Flood by Peter Cameron

When The Lights Go On Again by Heather Aimee O'Neill